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peace of mind ark sz

dragged into a dirty game

retribution, retaliation
do i really need to get even?
revenge, a tooth for a tooth
anger makes you blind, blind to the truth
transfixed, confused
enchanted and used

it comes and goes, it ebbs and flows
dont lose control. dont explode
ready or not im going to defend
ill put an end to this intrusive trend

go yeah,
im defending my peace of mind
go yeah,
im defending my peace in life
through the anger and deception
im defending my peace of mind
go yeah,
im defending my peace in life

when i was young, i was told
if you get hit, turn the other cheek
that in fact, stricking back was
a sign of man thats weak
now that im old i still react
to invasion of my privacy
keep my cool trying not to release
whats building up inside of me


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