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meltdown ark sz

hundreds of people gathered around
in a trance they dance when the vibe is really happenin
the rhythm and the beat of the music take control

just like primitive pagans worshipping idols of pleasure and pain they pray
spirits will come possess their souls

your mind aches, your knees begin to shake
you shiver and quiver and squirm and then learn
that your mind is melting, youre hallucinating
and your whole world is melting melting down

you never expected to be so disconnected
as to lose all sense of time and leave behind
the world that you once thought you knew so well
surrounded by people sharing the same vibe
the emotional feedback is amplified
into a cyclone of madness that spins and spirals down
the evening moves on, its getting near dawn
youre not tired, youre wired, youre on fire
your heartbeat is rising and your temperatures climbing
and your whole world is melting

down you go now get up
on your feet stand up
take a breath and catch up

youre getting closer and closer
now youre melting down


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