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martha ark sz

with a coffee and the steering wheel in my hand
on the road again and where is it going to bring us
with the sun ahead of us, and these fuckin hippies in the back
nobody will ever stop us, martha baby, im never going to leave you

with the stars the clouds and the moon in the sky
the hippies are sleeping but we keep on going
the road weve done and the road thats ahead of us
the things weve seen, and the things were going to see

hey martha <i>[x3]

were going, were going
and were never going to stop <i>[x2]

i as the captain, and martha you as the boat
once again we hit the road
martha baby you know were living the life of freedom
and nobody can stop us
not even the cops...you fucking pigs!

martha we move ahead, through summer and winter
i know that my martha, she will get us there
with the grim skunk boys, were smoking big fat joints
so everyone inside, cause the road is there -- and were going to take it.


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