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lord ogre ark sz

the orcs stand low beneath him
awaiting his command
this day hell long remember
for lord ogre is at hand
bella lugosi and
moonglum understand
lord ogre has returned
to take control of his land
lord ogre

celene is deep in trouble
for the orcs are on their way
"rape and pillage" is what ogre has to say
"rise above and crucify all those in our path
when we reach poor enstad
they will feel our wrath"
lord ogre

lord ogre has acquired
new powers to his name
his friends and foes have realized
hes really not the same
hes travelled through the planes of hell
learned the powers of deception
his friends with fear of war at hand
have staged his resurrection...
lord ogre

lord ogre has returned to our time and to our plane
his absence was disturbing
he will never be the same
more power than hes ever had
more armies to control
his resurrection glorified
the powers of his soul
lord ogre

the orcs go marching one by one
hurrah! hurrah!
the orcs go marching one by one
hurrah! hurrah!
the orcs go marching one by one
the little one stops to kill his mom
and they all go marching
down to a hole in the ground


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