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looking for gabbio ark sz

in a bone dry shack
down on oceanside
drive where the boredom fools urban people inside

the thrill of the hunt on the glowing tube
a gang of deadbeats blow a last dube

its a hardluck life, a skid row ride
and well be working the strip till after high tide

hes a 2-bit man in a 3-piece suit
sucking money from a straw
like nectar from a fruit

its outrageous looking for gabbio
its contagious making plans to go looking for gabbio

hard times and the street is what he knows
gabby is a soldier living in the ghetto

in a rubbish heap, want food to eat
anything goes when you livin on da street

gun shots make other youth fall
feel youre bad but you cant kill dem all

through tribulation he still stand tall
gabby know soon will be the final call

hacking a taxi brings a tear to an eye
of who wanted it all but now needs to get high

down on the corner in a bridesmaids gown
shattered and shivering and going to town to see this...

salt stained shirt, leather pants & a tie
sunbleached hair and a bottle of rye

but we got cheaper and better from a guy i know
thats why im making plans to go

looking for gabbio


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