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loaded gun ark sz

its starting to look like junkion, the garbage dump in space
we live like rats on junkion, theres so much fucking waste
the poison, the poison, youre killing your own children
wake up, wake up, youre burning down the forest
were running out of oxygen, we wont get out of here alive

its too late the damage has been done
the toxins will get us all one by one
theres no where to hide, nowhere to run
its like lookin down the barrel of a loaded gun

no more poison, more poison corrosion
no more toxic, atomic explosions
no more leaks of insane radiation
no more goddamn pollution cause i cant breathe

no, no way out now
we need a change, a change like skunk, skunk
it changed my life, could change the world, the world
watusi, watusi, the doobie was a doozy
im smoking im toking im really fucking hoping
if i get out of here ill be so very fucking high


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