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leash on me ark sz

we will never live in peace or harmony
you put me down, think im ignorant and weak
you could be satisfied just to keep me by your side
but it would be misery
cant take away my honor
cant crush my self-esteem
when will you finally see
youll never put a leash on me

go ahead i dare you to try
you get in my way you get pushed aside
make no mistakes im not afraid
youll never put a leash on me

watch me get up and leave

im warning you dont put that rope around my neck
id rather die than accept
thought you could be my master
thought i would be your dog
when will you finally see
youll never put a leash on me

left right, keep on marching hold that line
right left, always forward never rest
right left, right left
always forward never rest
always forward never rest

this cage wont hold me for eternity
i wont stop pounding it until you set me free
thought i would remain by your side
until the day i die
when will you finally see
youll never put a leash on me


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