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judgement day ark sz

people always ask me for advice
to help them choose wrong from right
they just want me to be nice
i wish theyd get a life
make up their minds which path to take
its salvation thats at stake
dont count on me to seal your fate
before it gets too late

walk straight as you move to the rhythm
all alone in the valley of decision
wont find no easy way
its judgement day
and your whole fucked up generation
is wiggin out on high speed navigation
virtually devoid of sensation
its judgement day

i am the judge of good and evil
you are accused of having sinned
bring in the evidence, let the trial begin
its judgement day
youre going to pay for all the crimes
all the bad times you made people go through
youre a wicked man thats been condemmed to hell

its your judgement day youre going to pay
its your judgement day judgement day

promises are promises its time that you realize
if you break your promises they have all turned into lies
no one puts their faith in you
do you know the reasons why
everybody knows you
they see right through your cheap disguise

set your sights on instant salvation
a click away from every temptation
log in eternal damnation
its judgement day


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