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in eight years ark sz

people used to tell me joe youd better cool out
playing in a band and blowing out your mind
they used to tell me one day your gonna find out
youre fucking up your life and wasting all your time

ive toiled and ive tried before
but my efforts have left me poor
but now ive got a feeling
about a fiendish friend

ive played and ive paid my way
but im not here to stay
until ive got a deal with the evil one

and youll put me on
it might take eight years
and then you will find
youve wasted all your time

it might take eight years
but youre gonna go far
youre gonna be a star
and youll be getting high
every single night
youre gonna be a star
in eight years he became a rock god!

im losing my respect for people who sell their souls
making money pretend to play rocknroll
i cant believe my ears is it true what am i seeing
you spend more time on your hair than you do practicing
mr. major label soft porn video
making sure that all your teenage fans will go
when no musicians seem to give a shit
no rockers bang their heads to it
so how could you stoop so low
could you lose your self-respect
whats going on inside your head
satan made me do it!


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