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gotta find a way ark sz

i got a real problem with your attitude
i take your messed-up world and throw it back at you
you make me sick with all your endless fighting
you cast a shadow on the road im lighting
so start the final countdown
theres nowhere left for us to go
4-3-2-1 ignition
its ready to explode
i gotta find a way

i watch israelis fight the palestinians
protect the holy land like god was alien
walk on the broken heart of your messiah
if you cant forgive, you cant put out the fire
you call this religion
you shoot each other in the head
is it worth your holy mission
when youre countin all your dead
i gotta find a way

to rise above the shit
that surrounds me everyday
and keep my head held high
keep my self-pride
never change what i stand for
always stand by what i say
ive got to find a way

oh, how i believed the promises of freedom
i was so naive, i mustve been dreaming
now there aint much point in denying america is dying

come smell the burning ground of war-torn nations
come feel the empty sound of desolation
walk on the broken hearts of your children
i wish i could just show you
how to love them
they grow up on gun powder, land mines and bad water
they never even had a chance
i gotta find a way


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