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girlfriend ark sz

my girlfriend dont treat me right
shes got too many men in her life
once i woke up with her
to the knocking of a jealous
ex-boyfriend at the door
he wants to kick my ass
and make a fool out of me
and the only support i get
is she thinks its funny
she breaks down and laughs
explaining that shes confused
i really love that little girl but she gives me the blues

my girlfriend knows how to treat me right
we go drinking and dancing every other night
hanginout with her makes me feel like royalty

when she gets drunk and shes all alone
i know she takes other guys home
r-e-s-p-e-c-t what does that mean to you
i really love that little girl but it aint no use

it just keeps getting worse
i cant break that curse
ive tried it all for years
but nothing works
it just keeps getting worse

my girlfriend says im the one to blame
that its all my fault that i should feel ashamed
if i cant get enough and i stick around
i must have no self-respect
to let her put me down
i really love that little girl
now what am i going to do


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