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failed again ark sz

leave me hanging high and dry
theres really nothing left to say
the words seem to linger awhile
but the feeling never goes away
its so easy when you get up and leave
put up the wall and walk on by
every time you push me away
i fall down hard something breaks

i feel confused and i feel ashamed
im the one you blame
im the one that failed you again

its hard to say just what i believe
when all my dreams have turned out blind
picking up the pieces of me
youve broken up and left behind
i may not seem like a sensitive guy
nothing shows but wounds run deep
every time you shove me aside
i bear the scars and those i keep

its always me, its me you blame
save yourself and leave me
save yourself and leave your mess behind
save yourself and leave me
save yourself and say goodbye

promise me the stars and the moon
i hope its gonna come round soon
trying to live the life youd approve
i guess i let myself down too
kill myself to earn your love
is it so hard to make it right
every time you smack me around
i lose my faith and i fall down

i feel confused and i feel ashamed
it always ends the same
im the one that failed you again


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