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dont hide ark sz

adolph hitler was my hero
mussolini was my fave
i killed for one mans fascist craving
but now my bones rot inside their grave
dont hide!

everyones got problems that nobody can solve
maybe if you used your brains they would be resolved
you walk around all by yourself be with your own friends
zombies, ghasts, ghouls and ghosts are showing you your own ends

dont hide behind your tombstone
dont hide behind your grave
dont hide behind your tombstone
when your gone its your blood they save

do you think youll find solutions
if you run away
put your faith in murderers
who smile as they slay
the disguise that evil wears
can become so many parts
cant you see they laugh at you
within their blackened hearts

dont hide behind your tombstone
dont hide behind your death
dont hide behind your tombstone
hear them laughing as you draw your last breath


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