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colorblind ark sz

clenched fists of proud nationalists
keep your prejudiced conscience blind
the paranoid dreams of fascist regimes
running wild in your mind
on their knees minorities start to crawl
single out men, humiliate them,
bringing down everyone
spit in my face, shit on my race,
lord what have you done
i am not your enemy

another race, another colour,
its a disgrace we fight each other
you are my sister, you are my brother,
we gotta stop killing each other
its such a simple thing
respect a human being
its not so hard youll see
just respect me

naked to the gaze of time,
were all colour blind, were all praised
look into my eyes and revolutionize
the house in which youve been raised
no one is your enemy, its all a lie
i am not the enemy you must fight
this is a revolution
rejecting the institutions of hate

this is a revolution
this is the one solution
a positive contribution
to forward our evolution
an end to hatred
a step for humankind
a brighter future
its all a state of mind


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