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circle square triangle ark sz

how could you be so blinded by your own greed
i tried to relax one day i found myself freed
were tearing at the walls
were screaming for more
were crawlin through the jungle to the demons door
you can do what you want to but maybe
you should cut it out and see if it bleeds

youve made the world so heavy
its pulling down like gravity
your life is end over end over end
and its tumbling down the mountain
and its picking up speed
its getting harder and harder and harder...
to take a new direction the pulls too strong
burn that poison out before too long
make my soul breathe fire take my hand
take your life one step higher free your mind

greed holds you down on your knees
release all your worldly needs
see how your mind is at ease
free from this swollen disease
he stands alone in the fields
me i know just how it feels

when i first met you
you were young and unimpressed
by things of value
which you now lust to possess
you want it so bad
that youre going crazy youre obsessed
with the things that you have
can you buy your self-respect

id rather lose everything
than gather gold like a king
with a crown on my head and a stone in my heart
bleeding me dry till it tears me apart


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