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tomorrows in doubt ark sz

for too long, i lay silently contemplating
"stay your tongue" is what im told
time and time again...
i grow tired, and wait for sleep that never comes
left to drown in muddied seas
its been this way for ages now.

endless nights bring heavy eyes, i know
a pounding head and a bleeding heart, i know
too far away to run
any dreams i may have had come screeching to a halt.

i need salvation.
cleanse the wound so that i may live again
wait for tomorrow.
and hope its brighter than it was today.

foolish cries from a foolish man
i now realize my hopes are in vain
once again you come to me in dreams
i cannot stop you.
now inside...now inside, penetrating
i can clearly see that i am dead

as tears fill my eyes, i look to the sky
raising my hand i call silence.

in visions i see what might have been
but yesterdays gone.
to hope for tomorrow and what it may bring
and leave it behind.


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