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let me breathe ark sz

this heart of mine, unseen for ages
grows black in time, and falls to the earth
violent dreams tormenting me, paint a darkened scene
your master plan, the task at hand is to take my life away again.

i brace myself for you, and the hell youve put me through
id like to feel the air. id like to breathe again one final time.
so now youre blind and cant see, a sudden sadness grips me
these complications impede my ability to breathe.

what have you done to me?
i see no wound yet still im bleeding
why is this happening?
id like to know why im not breathing anymore
ive heard it all before and i tire of the lie.

this heart of mine, begins its healing
must find a way to regain the feeling
theres nothing you can say or do
that will nullify the damage done by you
i take comfort in knowing that you are gone for good
yet i feel your eyes watching from afar.


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