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orange krunch ark sz

in your sleep, i will hunt you down!
crunch bones. rage war.
i said your life is a worthless game,
darkness covers your life today in shadows
you run away, ill feast on agonys only day.
in the pit of saddened clouds, screams of pain, i get aroused,
carcass melted down, only krunch can silence the sounds...
of pain. its always the same. you, dying in pain. pain! pain! pain!
i wait at your open grave,
laughing at your silent grace, ill spit on your broken face,
killing in the only name,
til then, ill hunt you down, til i see your siding blown,
where left is only ground screaming of the unholy sound.
of pain, its always the same. you, dying of pain. pain! pain! pain!
its so insane.
lockjaw is hunting down, trudging is his only sound,
take it to your screams of pain, agony drives you insane!
this is my chosen life, driven by the gods of pain,
if i am wrong, you are right, why will you die tonight?


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