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electric harley house of love ark sz
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electric harley house of love ark sz

so you wanna go on the road? wanna see my love to unfold?
you must be young, and you must be bold, on your knees and do what youre told
you pull the trigger of my loaded gun, then youll see, well be having some fun,
so meet me by the backstage door, if its good then lets go for the
electric harley house of love
gone all day, then i loathe with mine, ill give you time for your head to unwind,
can you sleep, its my head to the floor, spin around and look out for some more,
can you see im allowed to say ill, wanna taste the blood of your kill,
so reach out and take my hand, well be off to never neverland in the,
electric harley house of love
come on, boys.
i know you think its metallica, well, if it is, my name is ja,
would you think wed rip it off? i think we did. bend over and cough,
so they say its the sounda toms, when the bands called something rom
it did not happen all the time, i think we got, were neverbound in the
electric harley house of love


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