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cereal killer ark sz

follow your nose, it always knows the flavor of death where ever it goes,
terror in the supermarket, shoppers are in horror,
shredded boxes in the aisles, corpses on the floor,
those who ran, this joy is mine, now theyre going to pay,
super gory slaughter now the order of the day!
toucan son of sam!!
silly rabbit, trix are for kids.
follow your nose, it always knows the flavor of death where ever it goes,
orphaned at the age of five, parental guidance missed,
reschudwich (???) wouldnt talk to him and he got really pissed,
the remittal chemicals have driven him insane,
now we know the calling like its ringing round his brain,
toucan son of sam!
snap! crackle! pop!
toucan son of sam!
part of your nutritious breakfast!


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