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carnage rules ark sz

carnage rules!
rockin and rollin my way through town,
yeah, baby, i get around,
make mine murder--, make the town bleed,
squash any spider, her egg in miles greed, (???????)
you cant run, im having too much,
listen all you fools, dont you know that carnage rules?
told you once, i wont tell you twice, heed my word and pay my price.
all day long im completely insane,
crashin and smashin like a hurricane,
cruisin all my ride,
you best step aside,
first on my list,
crushin bugs with my fist,
my blades all red,
hear what i said?
listen all you fools, dont you know that carnage rules?...
im out of my mind, no time to waste,
it helps me unwind, i love the chase,
this wasting, dude, is nothing but rude,
theres no stoppin all this toppin,
no matter what your size, crushin spiders like flys,
listen all you fools, dont you know carnage rules?...


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