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baby doll ark sz

written by bernard hanighen and kenyon hopkins

peaked at #33 in 1956
(that baby doll) oooohh!!
(look out for her) ba-a-a-aby doll
(especially) hmmmmmm!!
(the amateur)

theres many a guy wholl sing you these blues
his dream was a lie, his hearts in his shoes
he wasnt so green, in ways he was smart
till she hit the scene and she took him apart
hell tell you as plain as day
"keep away from ba-a-a-a-a-a-aby doll"

(that baby doll)
(look out for her)

youll see in her eyes the warning you should
you oughta be ooh-eyed, shell lose you but good
as long as shes warm, the livin is sweet
then shell raise a storm, youre back on the street
you might as well know, my friend, thats the end
youre cooked, youre through
(my friend, youre through)
(youre cooked, youre through)

she was my baby doll and shell do the same to you

(that baby doll)
(look out for her)


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