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c-murder, c-murder arklar, c-murder ark szleri
1.a nd chance373
3.cant hold me back580
4.closin down shop379
7.constantly in danger400
8.damned if they murder me372
9.dont play no games410
10.dont wanna be alone559
11.down for my ns492
13.duck & run340
14.feel my pain332
15.forever tru416
17.gangsta walk548
18.get n paid369
19.ghetto boy389
20.ghetto millionaire389
21.ghetto ties417
22.gs and macks461
23.i remember386
24.life or death357
25.like a jungle369
26.lil nigga413
27.livin legend513
28.lord help us345
29.making moves347
30.money talks388
31.nasty chick342
32.on my enemies378
33.on the run352
34.only the strong survive425
35.picture me361
36.ride on dem bustas424
38.show me luv381
40.still makin moves521
41.street keep callin366
42.survival of the fittest395
43.the truest shit397
44.they dont really know you503
45.thug in yo life398
46.too much noise373
47.watch yo enemies367
48.where do we go346
49.where im from464
50.where we wanna322
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