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stray dog and the chocolate shake ark sz
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stray dog and the chocolate shake ark sz

supervisor guy turns off the factory lights,
so the robots have to work in the dark.

and theres a car load of kids, with beer and cigarettes,
burning out and doin lawn jobs in the park.

and theres a shitty limosine parked in front of the bar,
it never got to drive, any movie stars.

but the guy in the drivers seat dont care,
with his wierd cologne and his magic hair, its magic!

the sofa and the frige are on the car,
but theyre not strapped down,
and wer drivin all over town.

and the used up krylon cans that the farmer found,
were used to paint the foot-hills brown.

so theres a high school football coach sittin on the couch,
with a toothe pick in his mouth.
and the stray down wont forget the day,
he tricked him with a chocolate shake, a little trick!


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