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jed the humanoid ark sz

... last night something pretty bad happend... we lost a friend.
all shocked and broken... shut down exploded.
jeddy3 is what we first called him, then it was jed.
though jeds systems dead... there for, sos jed.

we assembled him in the kitchen... made out of this and...
made out of that and whatever was at hand
when we finished jed we were so proud...
we celebrated... congratulated... what we created.
jed could run and walk, sing and talk and... compile thoughts and...
solve lots of problems, we learned so much from him.

couple years went by, something happened...
we gave jed less attention... we had new inventions... left for conventions
jed had found our booze and drank every drop
he fizzled and poped... he rattled and rocked...
finally he just stoped


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