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hes simple, hes dumb, hes the pilot ark sz
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hes simple, hes dumb, hes the pilot ark sz

adrift again 2000 man
you lost your maps,
you lost the plans
did you hear them yell,
land damn it land?
you say you cant
well i hope you can
i hope you can

hows it goin 2000 man?
welcome back to solid ground my friend
i heard all your controls were jammed
well its just nice to have you back again

but i guess they still dont understand
and they can never understand
and they said go find 2000 man
and they said tell him weve got new plans
but instead im here to tell you friend

i believe they want you to give in
are you giving in 2000 man?
(did you love this world
and did this world not love you?)

are you giving in 2000 man?
dont give in 2000 man


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