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everything beautiful is far away ark sz

he just finished eating dinner
and stepped outside the cave to smoke
a cigarette hed made from rolled up photo paper
they were pictures of things back on earth
he looked out on the greyish white expanse of
uninhabited terrain he now called home

hed seen plenty of mirages and imaginary visitors up until then
so he wasnt sure what to think when he saw swans
and they were wading on the shores of a pale white lake
that hed never seen there before
and it was quite beautiful and it was far away
cause everything beautiful is far away

he knew he was as good as gone
but gone was somewhere he really didnt mind going to
since the shuttle had crashed many years had passed
and the pictures of his loved ones
that the drew on the walls of the cave had finally faded
he put out his smoke and proceeded toward the lake
repeating to himself everything beautiful is far away.


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