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burt bacharach, burt bacharach arklar, burt bacharach ark szleri
1.a house is not a home358
2.after the fox478
4.any day now my wild beautiful bird422
5.anyone who had a heart378
6.arthurs theme best that you can do552
7.baby its you522
8.blue on blue426
9.casino royale463
10.close to you392
11.do you know the way to san jose386
12.dont make me over576
13.everybodys out of town440
14.god give me strength404
15.i just dont know what to do with myself438
16.i say a little prayer for you455
17.i still have that other girl396
18.ill never fall in love again447
19.kentucky bluebird send a message to martha372
20.knowing when to leave393
21.living together, growing together407
22.made in paris424
23.magic moments387
24.make it easy on yourself391
25.my little red book444
26.my thief425
28.on my own389
29.one less bell to answer412
30.only love can break a heart358
31.painted from memory360
32.painted from memory different393
33.please stay428
34.promises, promises438
35.raindrops keep falling on my head392
36.raindrops keep fallin on my head533
37.reach out for me338
38.something big401
39.such unlikely lovers343
40.tears at the birthday party387
41.thats what friends are for454
42.the blob604
43.the long division371
44.the look of love380
45.the man who shot liberty valance423
46.the man who shot liberty valance356
47.the story of my life427
48.the sweetest punch368
49.the windows of the world438
50.theres always something there to remind me433
51.they long to be close to you429
52.this guys in love with you510
53.this house is empty now413
55.tower of strength390
56.trains and boats and planes405
57.true love never runs smooth373
58.twenty four hours from tulsa384
59.walk on by391
60.wanting things356
61.what the world needs now is love393
62.whats her name today469
63.whats new, pussycat608
64.whoever you are i love you419
65.wishin and hopin558
66.wives and lovers345
67.youll never get to heaven if you break my heart558
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