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necrosodomy ark sz

a foul odor rises from behind
a bloodstained door
where she has been left for days
i cant wait to see her rotting face
taste her putrid crack
a whore adorned with crown of flies
upon her severed head
she looks more attractive now that she is dead
feverishly i bend over her
cheeks rip as i spread her ass apart
snort her rancid hole
tongue the puckered bung
shit-caked anus fucked with my fist
flies swarm to my dangling ballsack
maggots fall from her gangrenous crack
stiff and engorged with blood
i shove my dick in her gaping asshole
cunt drips stale piss rank stench intense
aroused by the swarming sound of insects
i blow my load on her clod dead white ass
kicked in her mouth loose teeth fall out
gagged with my log balls slap her chin
as shit protudes from holes ive wrecked
compulsion to violate the deceased
seduced by death


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