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horrendous rebirth ark sz

as we stew in our own cess
the unborn grow malignant
in the womb
a blasphemy to human form
as flesh contorts normality
is doomed
hideous monstrosities
the circle of life
has been forever cursed
to suffer for eternity
were all condemned to horrendous rebirth
born deformed with abnormal features
damned forever as a sickening creature
living mangled human meat
moaning twitching drooling freak
suicidal mongoloids
oblivious to what death is
gnawing at their restraints
to masticate their twisted hides
a mother in labor legs spread wide
conceiving an abomination to behold
expires in agonizing pain
stillborn blockage rotting deep inside
embodiments of suffering
repulsed by their sickening reflections
gouge the eyeballs from their heads
seeking the end of their misery
born deformed with abnormal features
damned forever as a sickening creature
twisted headless ingrown twin
internal organs outside the skin
multiplying deformations
and severe retardation
smashing their heads into the wall
to ease their tortured minds
[solo : tangalos]
trapped in the cycle of reincarnation
eternal hell in genetic damnation
the circle of life forever cursed
you are condemned to horrendous rebirth


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