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clitoral circumcision ark sz
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clitoral circumcision ark sz

promiscuous cunting one
i will murder your desire for all time
you will be my fuckhole bitch
and youll suffer in each painful thrust
stripped to naked flesh
your legs are spread
meat flaps hangs repulsively gristle twat
i forbid you pleasure whore
and condemn your cunt to pain
feel the cold blade touch your flesh
teeth and anus tightly clenched
drenched in fecund perspiration
i can smell your cunt
scar and scrape your labia
with masochistic bliss
i remove your clitoris
with a razors kiss
loss of erotic sensations
through cruel and sadistic castration
you now exist
to satisfy my carnal lusts
submissive slave
just a hole to be fucked


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