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silence of time ark sz

oh, restless horror of my life
i have repelled thy before
but now i fear i am too weak
too weak to fight thy on

time and time again we meet
never real but all too lethal you are
and i can not carry my burden on
the synchronisity of time and death has closed on me

my companions in life are long dead
if not physically then dead in my mind
history repeats itself
and the last act of a great piece of art is coming to an end

i have raved through the garden of life
and now its guardian has come to throw me out
fear is not a relevant feeling to what lies beyond
rather curiosity of unknown realms

walk i will
through life and death
my quest is not at the final end
for even death is yeath to unravel

speak of me for what i was
not for what i am
time heals they say
but it also brings on death

with the pressure of time
my body will crumble
and the dust will lie heavy on my stonefaced tomb
deep below i shall lie but far away i will roam
once again


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