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bryan adams, bryan adams arklar, bryan adams ark szleri
1.all i want is you421
2.back to you378
3.before the night is over431
4.brothers under the sun594
5.cant stop this thing we started583
6.cloud number nine378
7.cmon cmon cmon861
8.depend on me403
9.do i have to say the words410
10.dont drop that bomb on me484
11.dont let go563
13.everything i do816
15.get off my back393
17.have you ever really loved a woman436
18.hearts on fire365
19.heat of the night385
21.here i am2214
22.hey honey im packin you in457
23.house arrest341
24.how do ya feel tonight429
25.i dont wanna live forever507
26.i will always return397
27.if i had you433
28.if you wanna leave me445
29.inside out363
30.is your mama gonna miss ya457
31.im a liar552
32.im ready803
33.lets make a night to remember425
34.lie to me366
35.not guilty381
36.on a day like today341
37.please forgive me485
38.run to you528
39.sound the bugle410
40.summer of388
41.the best of me386
42.there will never be another tonight450
43.this is where i belong345
44.thought id died and gone to heaven507
45.touch the hand374
47.when you love someone349
48.when youre gone451
49.where angels fear to tread330
50.you cant take me485
51.\'\'Everythng I Do\'\' 549
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