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where serpents reign ark sz

falling into emptiness, caught by pits of despair
cant find out sense of this fuck
why am i sentenced for life?
evocation of lord death
ritualistic suicide
falling into pits again, these ones made of light
travelling through cromlech now
life heres satisfied
aiwaz - dictated rules, a realm of glorious being
entering deaths temple now, made of
unknown brightness
vulgar sculptures in its halls
ancient scripts enshrined
bowing down to your throne
shining star of sacred souls
offering you a sacrifice
acceptance is my praise
immolate to receive the key
ceremony is finished
shrine is open-wided, taking out the script

"lord of death, grant me immortality
and give me power to rise again,
to show man that theres no truth
except for do what thou wilt.
then earth will be solved by the ancient ones,
it will become a reich
hwere serpents reign!"


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