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vampyresque weddingnight moonlight love ark sz
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vampyresque weddingnight moonlight love ark sz

dismal winternights embrace
paints scenarios of snowcovered graves
oh what solitude in this mystic presence of the dead
through the shadows of naked trees
bright silvery moonlight forms her fierce silhouette
an ardent aura of bewitching beauty
nocturnal princess ascends
icon of sin, darkened dreams made flesh
graveyardstatues scream for leaving marblestoned shell
to clasp at least one single kiss of her lovely crimson lips

"fallen from gods grace i am the dark angel to catch thee
in my veins i carry treasures of what paradise might be"

drink my blood to taste my love!
taste my blood and drink my love!

seducing me with all thy corrupt passion
deepest wolfish desires awake

i lost my heart to her, a rose portrayed by sombre artists hand
i gave my soul to her, a star kissed with cosmic fire

"thou drank my bridal wine,
now let me come upon thee!"

erotic funeral for my mortal soul
lust and death unite to a grotesque romance
in our vampyresque weddingnight
celestial choirs perform decadent chants
orchids rain from black skies
maidens dance in voluptuous embrace
charming us with ecstatic rite
in our vampyresque weddingnight


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