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the tragedy of forsaken angels ark sz

the tragedy of forsaken angels
a drama full of dismal grief
once there was peace in paradise
in heavenly solitude they might dwell
but bitter tears dropped out ethereal eyes
chains of weak obeydiance made them turn to hell
proud satan, thy revolt unveiled
sweet nectar of aphrodites womb
how could delight be sin?
rebelling angels thus darkly seduced
initiation of new eden
and astarte rules supreme
in purest phoenician passion
ramiel descends
icon of empyreal temptation
daughters of men, drunken of eros
offer fruitful menstrual wine
bridal lust, intercourse, decadent desires
even jehovas plague here cant opress
secrets of orgiastic shrine
a sanguinaire sacrifice under the seal of virginity
fountain for sodoms mighty gods

...but where there is darkness there has to be light
the cherubim remember, the seraphim fright

"how art thou fallen from heaven,
lucifer, son of the morning?"
the army of white anegls laughs

"this darkly singing nightingale
sounds sweeter than thy prayers to me!"


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