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shadows of the undead ark sz

shadows of the undead cover the way beyond
into the darkest of all realms
a guidance to the shining temple of thee,
oh mightiest and most lustful of all queens
gleaming emeralds enlighten my path
in these precious halls of dark - sexual beauty
the river of tears is floating in silence beneath
her ("my") throne now filled through my despair as well
whilst i kneel down

"i ask about thy wilt"

"my dearest died through holy hand
without her all is lost i thirst for her,
the sombre enchantment of my soul"

"i feel the honesty of thy words
thy courtain of vengeance starts falling with
the final rise of the december moon
resurrect thy desired through her murderers blood then...
thou art leader of the wolves, majesty under the nightsky
but doomed to exist in eternal darkness!
whether thy love is strong enough it may never die!
thou shall kiss and embrace as immortals!
plant these unearthly flowers on her grave
and see them grow as the portal to a new existence!"

i shall take revenge and encharm my beloved again
through this royal promethean gift
this is my final desire, the sword of fulfillment

"so prepare now to receive my kiss,
the touch of eternity!"
"i await..."


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