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bruce springsteen, bruce springsteen arklar, bruce springsteen ark szleri
1. channels and nothin on462
2. days out409
3.a good man is hard to find448
4.a love so fine359
5.across the border379
6.across the borderline322
7.action in the streets362
8.adam raised a cain407
9.after the thunder335
10.aint got you489
11.all i need358
12.all night long breakout390
13.all or nothin at all430
14.all that heaven will allow384
15.all the way home381
16.american skin shots363
17.and the band played348
19.arabian nights386
20.atlantic city389
21.baby i593
22.back in your arms again433
24.bad moon risingjohn fogerty/creedence clearwater revival415
26.balboa park373
27.ballad of the self-loading pistol390
28.be true373
29.because the night411
30.better days381
31.bishop dance385
32.blinded by the light341
33.blood brothers376
34.blowing in the wind bob dylan/bob dylan371
35.blowin in the wind468
36.bobby jean394
37.book of dreams343
38.boom boom boom john lee hooker/john lee hooker2380
39.born in the usa708
40.born to run405
41.brilliant disguise363
42.bring on the night345
43.brothers under the bridges372
44.bye bye johnny367
45.cadillac ranch357
46.camilla horne464
47.candys room482
48.car wash436
49.cautious man372
50.chevrolet deluxe372
51.chicken lips and lizard hips j& n cassidy334
52.child bride341
53.chimes of freedom bob dylan/bob dylan411
55.club soul city381
56.countin on a miracle430
57.cover me408
58.cowboys of the sea354
59.cross my heart391
60.crush on you349
62.dancing in the dark427
63.darkness on the edge of town432
64.darlington county352
65.dead man walking357
68.does this bus stop at nd street383
70.dont look back492
71.downbound train308
72.drive all night330
73.drop on down and cover me367
74.dry lightning387
75.elouise to the tune of growin up410
76.empty sky376
77.english sons aka endless nights341
78.evacuation of the west aka no more kings in texas304
79.everybodys looking for somebody845
81.fade away346
82.fade to black362
83.family song as listed on prodigal son335
86.follow that385
87.follow that dream354
88.for you398
89.forever young343
90.fortunate son345
92.from small things big things come387
93.further on up the road397
94.galveston bay368
95.gave it a name418
96.get that feeling391
97.get up stand up402
98.give the girl a kiss368
99.glorias eyes459
100.glory days369
101.glory days w/ extra verse398
103.good rockin tonight478
104.growin up444
105.gypsy woman423
107.heart full of soul403
108.heartbreak hotel357
109.hearts of stone368
110.held up without a gun364
111.henry boy359
112.high hopes400
114.highway revisited363
115.highway patrolman318
116.hold on to what you got365
117.human touch371
118.hungry heart443
119.i aint got no home426
120.i cant help falling in love805
121.i sold my heart to the junkman339
122.i wanna be where the bands are362
123.i wanna be with you401
124.i wanna marry you381
125.i want you341
126.i wish i were blind364
128.if i should fall behind419
129.if i was the priest363
130.in michigan420
131.incident on th street335
132.independence day371
133.into the fire322
134.its hard to be a saint in the city429
135.im a coward when it comes to love463
136.im a rocker484
137.im goin down498
138.im on fire455
139.jackson cage308
140.janey needs a shooter darkness outtake, written around /350
141.janey needs a shooter piano demo403
142.janey, dont you lose heart365
143.jazz musician491
144.jazz musician340
145.jersey girl tom waits1738
148.johnny bye bye346
151.kittys back483
152.lady and the doctor364
153.land of hope and dreams351
154.leap of faith339
155.leavin train477
156.lets be friends skin to skin413
157.lets go441
158.lets go tonight johnny bye bye445
159.lift me up339
160.light of day361
161.like a rolling stone363
162.linda let me be the one401
163.lions den818
164.little girl so fine376
165.little things that count347
166.living on the edge of the world403
167.living proof328
168.local hero405
169.lonesome day352
170.lonesome days314
171.long time coming denver version360
172.look to the land372
173.looking out for no366
174.loose change363
175.loose ends362
176.lost in the flood396
177.love on the wrong side of town363
178.loves on the line505
179.lucky man385
180.lucky town410
181.man at the top358
182.mansion on the hill354
183.many rivers to cross368
184.mans job486
186.mary lou320
187.mary queen of arkansas345
188.marys place452
189.meeting across the river354
190.merry christmas baby baxter, moore398
192.murder incorporated361
193.my beautiful reward351
194.my best was never good enough389
195.my city of ruins380
196.my fathers house503
197.my hometown370
198.my love will not let you down377
199.my loverman355
200.native american415
202.new jersey is my home358
203.new york city serenade359
205.no need354
206.no surrender388
207.none but the brave364
208.nothing man387
209.on the prowl398
210.one step up372
211.open all night325
212.out in the street343
213.out of work340
214.outside looking in340
215.over the rise356
217.paradise by the c461
218.part man part monkey405
219.pilgrim in the temple of love381
220.pink cadillac377
221.point blank632
222.pony boy539
223.preachers daughter528
224.prodigal son331
226.prove it all night380
227.racing in the street351
228.raise your hand456
230.randolph street master of electricity372
231.real man426
232.real world415
233.reason to believe336
234.red-headed woman416
235.remember when the music381
237.restless nights349
239.ricky wants a man of her own367
240.rockaway the days364
241.rockin all over the world457
242.roll of the dice410
243.rosalita come out tonight371
245.sad eyes367
246.santa ana369
247.santa claus is coming to town coots, gillespie361
248.savin up455
249.say sons389
250.seaside bar song360
251.secret garden365
253.sell it and they will come363
254.seven angels387
255.sherry darling361
256.shes leaving694
257.shes so fine465
258.shes the one513
259.shut out the light418
260.sinaloa cowboys340
261.so young and in love373
262.something in the night374
263.song to the orphans320
264.soul driver361
265.souls of the departed402
266.southern son357
267.spanish eyes355
268.spanish harlem412
269.spare parts404
270.spirit in the night336
271.stand on it378
272.state trooper361
273.stolen car326
274.straight time352
275.street queen367
276.streets of fire309
277.streets of philadelphia347
279.sweet soul music425
280.take em as they come376
281.talk to me352
282.taxi cab395
283.tenth avenue freeze-out354
284.th of july, asbury park sandy373
285.thats what you get729
286.the angel363
287.the ballad of the architect angel382
288.the big muddy393
289.the big payback389
290.the e street shuffle363
291.the ghost of tom joad386
292.the hitter332
293.the honeymooners355
294.the iceman381
295.the line385
296.the long goodbye310
297.the new timer348
298.the price you pay388
299.the promise378
300.the promise ii325
301.the promised land340
302.the rising379
303.the river356
304.the ties that bind391
305.the way380
306.the wish381
307.the word365
308.there will never be another for me but you373
309.this hard land325
310.this land is your land396
311.this little girl390
312.thunder road354
316.tougher than the rest345
318.trapped again343
319.trouble in paradise329
320.trouble river i cant keep from crying470
321.tunnel of love356
322.tv movie370
323.tweeter and the monkey man365
324.two faces338
325.two for the road411
326.two hearts342
327.two hearts in true waltz time402
328.used cars345
329.valentines day459
330.vibes man342
331.vigilante man386
332.visitation at fort horn351
333.viva las vegas363
334.wages of sin375
335.waitin on a sunny day669
336.walk like a man358
337.walking in the street394
338.walking through midnight380
340.war nurse363
341.when the lights go out397
342.when you dance346
343.when you need me371
344.when youre alone473
345.where the bands are371
346.white lies362
347.white town365
348.wholl stop the rain867
349.wild billys circus story475
350.wild kisses im gonna treat you right476
351.wings for wheels thunder road344
352.winter song379
353.with every wish375
354.without you444
355.working on the highway377
356.worlds apart325
357.wreck on the highway329
358.you can look but you better not touch394
359.you gotta fight fight for what you want425
360.you mean so much to me baby446
362.your love349
363.youre missing458
364.zero and blind terry387
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