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forbidden fruit sapientia ark sz

i am the serpent that brought knowledge to mankind
the fountain of thy conscious divinity

deepest temptation of all times
granted these fruits of wisdom
i - the bringer of darkened arts,
born to spread illumination
a creature with burning heart,
bearing in my essential spirit
the flame of perpetuality

pass the gate and follow me
into the realm of pride and glory
thy eyes there may witness
hidden treasures of gleaming stars
promethean ritual celebrated
the sword of flames now burns in everlasting sin
sinister seduction of the cherubim
listen! their harps play symphonies
composed in strength and wilt

i kiss sapientias bleeding breasts
and taste her forbidden fruit
we now unite in the divine lust of secret intercourse

"thou shall be gods!
be embraced, oh my children,
my beloved breed
sing with me this blackened aria
to smash devotino
spread by those holy and weak!"


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