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crowned child ark sz

placed above the stars for infinity
on a throne of purest gold
i will breed a child mightier than all kings of the earth
ashera give birth to him
my vanity and thy temptation
as key to a new empire

lead me through my fiercest dreams
to lands of passion divine
by me all life is given and also shall expire
copulation under a bloodcrying moon,
our veins they seem to burst
what deepest lust burns in our flesh
no water ever may quench this depraved thirst,
this strongest of lal fires,
poison me, queen of all desires

arise, crowned child, arise or forever be fallen!
lay nations low under spells of pride
in delight thou shalt slay
all those weakened souls
praying with false tongue

forged in fires of supremacy
thy weapons cut their swathe
through all the weak in man
once fallen stars stronger than ever ascend
as we conquer the once promised land
thou art rex iniquus, my son of revelation
and thy spawn is destined to be the most superior nation


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