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cemetary visions ark sz

why did you go? why?
as my feet step down on this place of coffins
desperation is my leader
surrounded by the whispering of immortal souls
tears, in black, falling down to the ground
like flakes of snow did in this night,
the night you went away
melancholic thirst for
cemetary vision of my love
oh love, my love
life, my life
becam eso worthless since youre gone
so i call forth your soul
screams in necromantic
hallucinative begging
now you rise!
contoures start painting your picture
dream or reality?!
i see you smile
as i aim for your hand
emptieness fades me away
my decision is sealed
cemetary vision of my love
we will find peace when ill paint
the picture of the rising moon - in my own blood
audite denuo vota mea, custodes animarum
devotio simul redemptio absolutioque erit
venite nomine adonai, zebaoth, adonai, amioram!
accipite me, vitam meam, animan meam!


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