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babalon ascends ark sz

visions draw before my eyes
she rides the dragon in fire and gold
a new aeon shall arise
scarlet woman whispers secrets untold
babalon ascends

by the seven highpriests of kadesh
jerusalem shall fall
creatures damned in long forgotten times
storm forth to cover the skies ebony
sun is painted in deepest black
whilst heaven seems to die
lunar mistress empowers us with all her bloodred glance
caines children born as dragons seed
a new lilith pregnancy
ready to rapture the earth and the seas
now bless the prophet of the darkest star
most precious gift to the altar of thine
is blood of the weak, offered like wine
our seal of revenge is broken, the slaves in fear all flee
their dying screams - a lovesong to our tyranny

"once i inspired the judas kiss
now resurrected from the deepest abyss
drink from my chalice, the origin of sin
and in triumph and glory we shall win!"

enlighten me, oh demon whore
engulf me in thy magic
to spread the crown of daath
through iadnah mad
mighty empress of my dreams
wed me as khaos bride
flowers of evil decorate our bed
in the temple of the serpent
the gate of god decays
whilst i kiss jewel-covered breasts
never a prophecy was fulfilled with deeper wilt
unite with me in proud supremacy
to bring back the treasures once ours
the slumber under holy reign - a myth now of the past
beloved babalon, mother of cruelty
thy wisdom devours all religion
new aeon has begun!


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