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maybe today ark sz

Poison like the air we breath in

This complicated world we weave

Spins around, pulls us down

This life we lead is overrated

Mixed up, fucked up


Thats the way

So they say

And all we ever need

Is a chance to be

Freedom lies beneath reality

Find a way

Maybe today

And all the fairytales and fantasies

Can we find a way where we can be free?


Underneath the way we feel

Weve lost ourselves between whats real

No lost and found

Were broken down

Take a piece of someones dreams

Theyre never simple as it seems

Theyre thrown away

Like yesterday

All we ever need

Freedom lies beneath reality

Just find a way

Oh maybe its today

All the fairytales and fantasies

Can we find a way

Where we can be free?

Find a way today

We all will be alone

If this house is not a home

It wont be too long before the air is gone

The love that lonely people crave

Follows them into their grave

We should never leave them lonely

All we ever need

Freedom lies beneath

Find a way (find a way)

Al the fairytales and fantasies

That you need is within

Find a way today


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