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freak of nature ark sz

im a freak

excuse me
what u said to me?
oh no u said that
no im not
im sorry but, you know
i aint that kind of girl

look at me and see a little girl inside my skin
its a supernatural
so dont be trying to push upon me baby
my momma told me better than that
the bigger you are
the harder you fall

im a bobby original
not typical
not ooh la la baby
you can hold me responible
its chemical
if youre bringin it out in me

aaaaaah ah aaaaaaaaaaah
im a freak of nature
you better be aware, danger
aaaaaah ah aaaaaaaaaaah
im ur midnight angel
im a freak
come on yeah
im a freak of nature

im a little material, got bling bling
my glasses got a shade
but does it hit me
it chicken me
that barefoot walking in the grass
just cause i like sipping on champagne
doesnt mean that im afraid of the rain


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