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bright eyes, bright eyes arklar, bright eyes ark szleri
1.a celebration upon completion358
2.a few minutes on friday408
3.a line allows progress, a circle does not319
4.a new arrangement341
5.a perfect sonnet436
6.a poetic retelling of an unfortunate seduction408
7.a scale, a mirror, and those indifferent clocks366
8.a song to pass the time415
9.a spindle, a darkness, a fever, and a necklace357
10.act of contrition382
11.all of the truth454
12.amy in the white coat397
13.an attempt to tip the scales397
14.another travelin song443
15.arc of time410
17.at the bottom of everything348
18.black comedy446
19.bowl of oranges345
20.burn rubber377
21.contrast and compare443
22.devil in the details396
23.dont know when but a day is gonna come434
24.down in a rabbit hole353
25.drunk kid catholic363
27.emily, sing something sweet495
28.exaltation on a cool kitchen floor394
29.falling out of love at this volume334
30.false advertising413
31.februar th380
32.february fifteenth343
33.feeling it545
34.first day of my life426
35.from a balance beam356
36.go find yourself a dry place346
37.going for the gold364
38.gold mine gutted380
39.haligh, haligh, a lie, haligh505
40.hit the switch383
41.how many lights do you see405
42.i believe in symmetry389
43.i watched you take off407
44.i will be grateful for this day, i will be grateful380
45.i woke up with this song in my head this morning367
46.i wont ever be happy again629
47.if winter ends394
48.its cool, we can still be friends459
49.ill be you friend647
50.ive been eating for you433
51.june on the west coast408
52.kathy with a ks song645
53.landlocked blues352
54.laura laurent372
55.light pollution383
57.loose leaves355
58.lover i dont have to love485
60.make war339
61.messenger birds song482
62.method acting349
63.mirrors and fevers545
64.motion sickness362
65.neely ohara634
66.no lies, just love512
67.north of the city395
68.nothing gets crossed out385
69.oh, you are the roots that sleep beneath my feet and hold the earth in place348
70.old soul song for the new world order397
71.on my way to work402
72.one straw please386
73.out on the weekend419
74.padriac my prince400
75.patient hope in new snow436
76.pioneers park702
77.poison oak407
78.puella quam amo est pulchra370
79.pull my hair369
80.racing toward the new376
81.road to joy432
82.ship in a bottle373
83.something vague380
84.spring cleaning405
85.sunrise, sunset376
86.take it easy love nothing333
87.tereza and tomas377
88.the big picture344
89.the calendar hung itself361
90.the center of the world385
91.the city has sex381
92.the difference in the shades375
93.the joy in forgetting / the joy in acceptance340
94.the movement of a hand366
95.the vanishing act361
96.theme from pinata386
97.time code665
99.train under water374
100.true blue426
101.waste of paint347
102.we are free men317
103.we are nowhere, and its now574
104.well whiskey375
105.you will you will you will you will396
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