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brian setzer orchestra, brian setzer orchestra arklar, brian setzer orchestra ark szleri
1.a nightingale sang in berkeley square388
3.as long as im singin737
5.ball and chain376
6.barbwire fence377
7.bobbys back580
8.boulevard of broken dreams428
9.brand new cadillac383
10.breath of life361
11.buzz buzz443
12.chains around your heart343
13.crazy little thing called love386
14.cross of love395
15.drink that bottle down405
16.drive like lightning crash like thunder395
17.echo park376
18.every tear that falls390
19.from here to eternity372
20.gettin in the mood601
21.ghost radio403
23.good rockin daddy640
24.haunted river373
25.hey, louis prima804
26.hollywood nocturne436
27.hoodoo voodoo doll370
28.if you cant rock me656
30.jump jive an wail671
31.jumpin east of java893
32.lady luck452
33.lets live it up544
34.mack the knife345
36.my baby only cares for me428
37.nosey joe398
38.pennsylvania -437
39.radiation ranch339
41.red lightnin blues694
42.rock this town477
43.rock-a-beatin boogie668
46.rumble in brighton390
47.sammy davis city406
48.september skies384
49.shes sexy +506
50.since i dont have you508
51.sittin on it all the time492
53.straight up424
54.summertime blues382
56.that mellow saxophone435
57.thats the kind of sugar papa likes517
58.the dirty boogie389
59.the footloose doll391
60.the house is rockin598
61.the knife feels like justice394
62.the legend of johnny kool401
63.the man with the magic touch420
64.theres a rainbow round my shoulder587
65.thing about you365
66.this cats on a hot tin roof510
67.this old house388
68.three guys353
69.town without pity367
70.waitin for desiree559
71.when the sky comes tumblin down421
72.your true love414
73.youre the boss556
75. mercury blues537
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