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bread, bread arklar, bread ark szleri
2.anyway you want me348
4.baby im-a want you437
5.be kind to me437
6.been too long on the road348
8.blue satin pillow412
9.call on me390
10.change of heart338
12.come again358
13.comin apart615
14.could i417
17.didnt even know her name508
18.dismal day389
19.dont shut me out452
20.dont tell me no480
21.down on my knees386
22.dream lady600
23.easy love2396
24.everything i own392
25.family doctor346
26.fancy dancer349
27.fly away349
28.for all we know363
29.friends and lovers360
30.games of magic362
31.goodbye girl421
32.hes a good lad440
33.hold tight393
34.hooked on you328
35.i am that i am529
36.i cant find the words to say goodbye438
37.i dont love you703
38.i say again541
39.i use the soap391
40.i want you with me457
42.in the afterglow332
43.it dont matter to me458
44.just like yesterday388
45.lay your money down399
46.let me go401
47.let your love go364
48.live in your love609
49.london bridge415
50.look at me422
51.look what youve done458
52.lost without your love326
53.make it by yourself356
54.make it with you348
55.mother freedom370
56.move over500
57.never let her go460
58.nobody like you418
59.our lady of sorrow343
60.part-time love389
61.picture in your mind368
62.sail around the world401
63.save this dance for me406
64.she was my lady817
65.shes the only one640
66.sweet surrender418
67.take comfort392
68.take me now352
70.the chosen one406
71.the guitar man337
72.the last time360
73.the other side of life349
74.this isnt what the governmeant444
75.todays the first day636
76.too much love587
77.took the last train331
79.welcome to the music380
80.what a change388
81.why do you keep me waiting433
82.you cant measure the cost422
83.yours for life367
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