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brave combo, brave combo arklar, brave combo ark szleri
1.a day in the life of a fool380
2.a night on earth325
3.a way to say goodbye337
4.all that i want is you363
5.always vienna448
6.apples, peaches, pumpkin pie397
7.ave maria504
8.ay, me duele512
9.baby, baby, baby dont731
10.besame mucho1559
11.blue mountains491
12.bored housewife486
13.buon natale589
14.burn slow393
15.buscando tu corazon427
16.bye bye blackbird379
17.camino de dolores529
19.canto a la salsa455
20.cha cha for two499
21.charanaga y mambo523
22.chicken dance 2276
23.christmas in july330
24.cielito lindo915
26.clever boy522
27.come back to me365
28.come back to sorrento476
29.conchita, the waitress365
30.corrido navideno384
31.cumbia sabanera505
32.cumbia veracruzana518
33.denton, tx464
34.do something different467
35.do something different polka361
36.dont ever dance with maria552
37.dont get married558
38.double vision411
39.down at the friendly tavern400
40.du, du liegst mir im herzen379
41.eat your broccoli559
42.escape from radioland490
43.escapist polka404
44.feliz navidad474
45.fly me to the moon617
46.flying saucer349
47.for me368
50.gimmie sweat472
52.glamorous gal434
53.golden opportunity335
54.happy wanderer524
55.hava nagila twist1693
56.hernandos hideaway541
57.hey baba reba742
58.hey jude431
59.hey there502
60.hosa dyna641
62.i believe in tomorrow395
63.i could have danced all night406
64.i get ideas369
65.i gotta know392
66.i just wanna394
67.i love you458
68.i think i lost something393
69.i want to stay here447
70.ice machine in the desert337
71.in heaven there is no beer374
73.its christmas582
74.jeepers creepers cha cha cha940
76.junction, texas393
77.jai faim, toujours514
79.kiss of fire470
80.la cumparsita563
81.la mula blanca562
83.lilli marlene484
84.limbo rock/hand jive456
85.linda guerita411
86.love me, baby767
87.mana vu543
88.midnight in moscow1625
89.money cant buy everything539
91.must be santa402
92.my girl lollipop486
93.my tears are nothing342
94.mystery spot polka367
95.neo limbo442
96.new york, new york425
97.no, no, no cha cha cha1357
98.nothing earthly508
99.nothing is permanent445
100.o, christmas tree724
101.oh, what a beautiful morning469
102.our imagined image487
103.over the rainbow406
104.pensando en ti606
105.people are strange808
107.pije kuba1966
108.please come home for christmas340
110.polka dancer516
111.por eso me olvido de ti448
112.pretty dancing girl536
113.quiero que sepas392
114.robertin roberton490
115.santas polka589
117.shopping at the k-mart441
118.siren song362
119.sixteen tons391
123.sly cigarette372
124.so rich406
125.speak up mambo542
126.springtime in the rockies467
127.stairway to heaven356
129.take a deep breath455
130.take my hand456
131.that old feeling437
132.the beer barrel polka373
133.the bunny hop585
134.the christmas song331
135.the eyes of santa lucia419
136.the faithful hussar706
137.the hokey pokey3323
138.the hokey pokey long version466
139.the hustle517
140.the jeffrey391
141.the little drummer boy478
142.the new mind polka464
143.the real thing335
144.the time is right468
145.the way of love443
146.three weeks457
147.under paris skies495
148.volver, volver1953
149.walking stick350
150.what is this darkness435
151.when you walk in the room378
152.who stole the kishka444
153.why, oh why346
154.why, oh why454
155.you pull my tongue out385
156.youre going on473
157.zydeco gumby ya ya493
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