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the bosses daughter ark sz

ive been working here in this dirty factory
since the day my poor daddy died
been supporting clear my ma and family
seen her the way since i was only nine

and i always done as my fathers son had ought to
right till the day she came my way
mmmmm, the bosses daughter

shes the devils child
and temptation is her name
and her hair is black as the miners coal
she can drive ya wild
infatuation is her game
and her eyes hypnotise a man and his soul

well she smiled come on
and well, well i sought her
i went along right or wrong
mmmmm, with the bosses daughter

she drove me in her own red jaguar
right to her favourite place
and out of the way out of the swords roadside bar
when conscience erased

now my lifes been changed
everythings been re-arranged
im a puppet and she holds the strings
lost my self respect, i never do what i knows correct
and theres no dream on which im left to cling

and the lord only knows
how hard, how hard ive fought here
ill never win with a child of sin
mmmmm, the bosses daughter (3x fading)


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