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somethings gotten hold of my heart ark sz

somethings gotten hold of my heart
keeping my soul and my senses apart
somethings gotten into my life
cutting its way through my dreams like a knife
turning me up, turning me down
making me smile and making me frown

in a world that was small
i once lived in a time that was peace
with no trouble at all
but then you came my way
and a feeling unknown shook my heart
made me want you to stay
all of my nights and all of my days

yeah i gotta tell you now
somethings gotten hold of my hand
dragging my soul to a beautiful land
yeah something has invaded my nights
painting my sleep with a colour so bright
changing the grey, changing the blue
scarlet for me and scarlet for you

ive got to know if this is the real thing
ive got to know whats making my heart sing, woah yeah

you smile and im lost for a lifetime
each minutespent with you is the right time
every hour, yeah, every day, yeah

you touch me and my mind goes astray
and baby yeah...


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